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Rising Cost 2022

Rising Costs 2022


Surging shipping costs in a year riddled with supply-chain disruptions are bracing for more challenges in 2022, it could mean higher consumers prices unless all the issues pre-pandemic are being resolved. Global supply chains have been facing several major disruptions in 2021 due to unprecedented demand from 3rd and 4th quarter of 2021  as consumers spent more on goods and services during worldwide lockdown.

With higher level of shipping demand and tight capacity in worldwide shipping and logistics , operators might raise freight prices when re-negotiating new contracts. This is especially more apparent for parcel delivery , warehousing , air and ocean shipping and also land trucking. Coupled with the issue of worldwide port congestions in most major countries , this issue had been made worst and aggravated on a higher level.

Vessel schedules had also been disrupted with increases of up to 45% in the ratio of container rollovers, increased transit times, and increases in blank sailings which are among the underlying factors causing shipment delays and global supply chain disruptions.



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